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OKHO BUSINESS CONSULTANTS is a dynamic business and services firm, conveniently based in Milton Keynes, that helps clients plan their investments in technology; design and implement projects that drive competitive advantage; and manage critical applications to improve business performance. We tackle our client’s challenges and help them realise opportunities from all angles. Strategic thinking, planning and intelligent use of technology is at the core of our thinking, systems and processes.

A deep understanding of human experience

We understand the human elements required to make customer and employee experiences valuable in every sense of the word. By grounding technology solutions and business strategies in a deep understanding of human behaviour, knowledge, motivations, and attitudes, our work is not only useful and usable but also compelling. Through our strategy, experience and design capabilities, OKHO helps clients build strong relationships — relationships that work to create value by serving people's real needs.

Dedicated focus on delivering high-value, explicit business outcomes

From the way we build project teams to the quick, reliable approach those teams use to guide their work, everything we do is designed to produce the right solutions and the right results for our clients. We're pretty relentless about it. We help companies discover new opportunities and realise true value from their strategic planning and technology investments.

A way of working where speed and reliability are the norm

By getting right to work on the right work, we conceive and implement solutions while they still matter. Our collaborative rapid-solution processes quickly builds consensus and generates momentum from the start. With our highly skilled and growing team we're able to quickly deliver solutions for our clients.

A collaborative, forthright culture

The work we do requires a certain type of person — a person who is passionate about raising the bar on what's possible and equally focused on achieving client success. In our project teams and in our working relationship with clients, we place a high value on collaboration — on the idea that no one person can deliver as much value as everyone. We create an environment of shared ideas, shared efforts, and shared responsibilities.

An uncommon understanding of advanced technologies

Our approach to advanced technology is not just about gazing into the future — it's about helping our clients take the actions necessary for gaining the newest competitive advantages while merging them with the still-valuable components of legacy systems. We create value by understanding the promises of advanced technologies and by knowing what it actually takes to make those promises real.

A bias toward being on budget

From the beginning we've set our sights on delivering what we say we will for a price we've committed to.

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