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Strategic Planning

Turning your ideas into a business reality or taking your existing business to the next level? At OKHO we help our clients develop sophisticated and thoroughly researched business plans.

So much of early business success hinges on an effective business plan, that today’s savviest entrepreneurs are outsourcing the development of their business plans to specialist consultant firms. These completely original documents are written with your business goals in mind. They will help you convince potential investors that your business idea is both timely and viable.

Plan, Plan and Plan some more

Write a business plan that covers the following points:

• What you will sell

• Who will buy it

• How your product or service assists customers

• What you will charge

• How else you can make money from the business

• How you'll spread the word about your business

• How you'll encourage referrals

• How much you'll need to earn for it to be a success

• Any obstacles and possible solutions to overcome them


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