Welcome to Intelligent building/home automation

With intelligent building/home automation you will live more comfortable and save more time. Our intelligent automation System allows for integration of many devices and appliances to make them work together. Thanks to plugins you can integrate and control many devices connected to your LAN network. Control multimedia devices, alarm systems, intercoms and many others from the tip of your finger using a single App.

Explore the benefits of home automation with FIBARO STARTER KIT. Five intelligent devices together with Home Center Lite will introduce you to a smarter way of living. Installation is fast and easy, it does not require any changes to the structure of the building. The devices are ready to use in just a few minutes and they enrich any space with their unique, organic design.

Our System gives you endless possibilities of customization, depending on your preferences and needs. It helps to take care of your loved ones, allows you to automatically and remotely control your home, save time and money. Soon it will be hard to believe that we ever lived without intelegent homes.

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